Frequently Asked Questions

We meet in a different pub throughout Oxford each week. We try to rotate between East Oxford (Cowley Rd, Iffley Rd, St Clements), Jericho, and the City Centre. We keep the events calendar up-to-date so once you've joined the site you'll have access to it.

Most people bring their own projects to work on. It's a great way to get advice or input on a work-in-progress or help others with theirs. While we tend to meet in places where alcohol can be purchased and most Knitwits are known to imbibe in an adult beverage or two, there's nothing saying you have to drink -- so long as you can put up with others who are! If it's your first time, you won't miss us at the pub -- just walk right up and tell us you are new and we will make sure you get settled in.

Occasionally we have additional (sometimes paid/ticketed) events. For example:

  • Two yearly weekend retreats (one in summer, one in winter)
  • Summer "Drunken Knitfest" celebrating the ODK birthday 
  • Christmas party
  • Charity fundraisers
  • Additional meetups for working on group projects

We are also known to do a good bit of yarn-bombing and love when we can tie an installation in with a good cause. We've raised over £4,000 for charities in Oxford and the UK already!

You can come to up to one month of regular Wednesday meetups at no cost. After that it's just £36 to subscribe for the year (if you can only drop in occasionally, we offer a part-time membership for £15). This helps cover the running costs of the group.

Back in 2012 when ODK was established, the group was much smaller and didn't require much planning. Since then, our group has grown substantially in membership and in terms of the types of events and benefits we offer. Additionally, we want to be sure that the people who join our group are planning on coming along on a regular basis and therefore willing to contribute to its smooth running. Before we charged membership fees, we were getting dozens of people joining and never meeting more than once or twice in person (if ever). That goes against the ethos of the group!

1. Event Fund: Even when we have a paid event, we often subsidise the costs with our event fund. It allows us to sometimes include nibbles or drinks, or other fun extras for a party.

2. Manager Reimbursement: Two group managers do most of the hard work that keeps ODK running: they schedule events, call pubs to reserve enough space, manage the website and membership, and act as general contact-points for any Knitwits who have questions or concerns. As a thank you, we reimburse them for meals on Wednesdays.

3. Website Fees: These include the domain, hosting, and fees (we still use the site to attract new members).

4. Kitty: This is just a buffer for any other costs that might arise. This may include the cost of supplies for a group or charity project, or a few pizzas when a pub is unexpectedly not serving food.

5. PayPal Fees: We generally don't accept cash for membership fees or event tickets. It's a nightmare to manage and by accepting online payments only, we make sure there's a record of every transaction. Unfortunately this means payment processing fees.

We are constantly seeking out benefits for our members. Aside from gaining a great group of new crafty friends and a fuller social calendar, you'll get:

  • Drinks deals at some of our favourite pubs on Wednesday evenings
  • Discounts and private sales at local and online yarn shops
  • Deals with other local crafty shops

Still have questions? Feel free to get in touch before joining.